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Landscapers Advantage


At TOR Insurance Services, Inc.​ we have you covered. It does not only do we have over 40 years of combined insurance experience but we know the landscape. Our Exclusive general liability, commercial auto package, and excess liability program are not only one of the most competitive products on the street but we have the broadest coverage for our landscapers. We have “built-in” coverage that addresses your specific and inherent risk. With limited pollution, error, and omission for arborists and no subsidence exclusions, it’s no wonder landscapes go with the best. TOR Insurance Services, Inc.​  knows the importance of keeping your company covered and keeping your company financially healthy.

We understand that work comp is a huge expense and because rates for landscapers are inherently high, we contract with insurance companies that provide solutions for each customer’s situation. Guaranteed cost policies may not be the best answer for some companies depending on their loss history. At TOR we have solutions for companies that are faced with insurance premiums that they may not be able to afford. Whether it’s a low deductible program, retro, loss-sensitive, captive, or self-insured program for our larger landscapers, we leverage our relationships and networks to find ways to keep you profitable. This includes tree (0106) class code and tree trimming.

Are you having problems with open claims? Do you need safety training or OSHA compliance? We know all about it and we can help. Reducing your risk by managing what goes on within your business is where it starts. Don’t wait any longer! Start a new and lasting relationship with a partner that knows the business, that KNOWS YOUR business!

Customer Reviews

Knowledgeable and patience are definitely a plus!

Zuzette A

You'll never regret it!

Google U

...and wouldn't consider switching to anyone else any time soon.

Jeremy S

Very thorough and a pleasure to work with.

Jason C

Awesome people doing an outstanding job to help with insurance needs.

Stephen B